MILO STAR simple and happy



Founded in 2004, Milo Star entertainment and culture group is the first KTV entertainment company in China to officially list on the New OTC Market. For more than ten years, the Group and related companies have developed rapidly in dozens of cities across the country, and are involved in a wide range of businesses including catering, KTV, music, and international star hotels, adhering to the enterprise core values of “service with integrity, sustainable progression, unity and cooperation, keep improving”, insisting on the enterprise mission of “helping partners to multiply wealth, enabling employees to realize their dreams, bring joy to customers, create value for society and continues to create a new model of green entertainment. 

Milo Star group promotes branding and diversification, and actively innovates with the times. Integrating theme personalization, application intelligence, space entertainment and business diversification, we are committed to redefining the traditional KTV industry into the model of cross-border modern urban entertainment.